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About the technique

ITM Alexander Technique is all about improvement – about doing whatever you do, only doing it better. It's the single most powerful tool for change and improvement out there ... and it's fun!


FM Alexander (1869-1955) formulated new principles of thinking and movement different from anything discovered or conceived of before. He saw our “selves” as the instrument through which we live our lives, and believed this instrument should be made to function as well as possible so we can all enjoy living with energy and zest and to our full capacity.  


People don't realise that – to a greater or lesser extent – they introduce unnecessary muscular activity into everything they do. An Alexander teacher helps the student learn how to stop causing this tension, with the result that their natural system is allowed to function better. 


At Evolution Alexander Technique the teacher uses light touch manipulation and questions derived from Alexander's principles to challenge your ideas about how you move. The lesson is designed so that you can transcend yourself and step outside what you consider normal. The simple recognition of how freely you can move when you are not introducing unnecessary effort helps you stop creating this interference in the first place. 


The teacher helps you on your own journey and the mental disciplines developed in the classes for taking control of yourself can be taken into every area of your life. You can experiment with all kinds of activities, and your command and confidence will grow so that you can achieve your full potential in anything you choose to do. 


Classes can be taken individually or in groups where observation and discussion can speed up the learning process. Either way learning through the fun and excitement of experimentation is a great way to study this fascinating work.



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